20% of Color Kits today!


Hey Pilots,
Customize your Mechs with 20% of Color Kits today!


Is this @cyanine event layout I see?



What do you mean by that? You meant the topic?

This was mine? Eh?


the way you told me the layout idea where you screenshot only the event page and not the supermechs border as well


Ahh yes, I did told you that, as well to Ricemech.

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I would consider buying the more expensive ones if we had a paint preview feature and a different method of applying paints. Like a paint shop instead of buying the items.

Go into the paint shop, try all the various paints on mech parts, and then see a price total and then you can “check out” on the page knowing you like your new look.


Why can’t we buy paints with gold? I liked that about Legacy.


Yeah… All the solid color kits (red, blue, white, etc.) should be for coins then the rest (camo, mottled pink, etc.) can stay for tokens.


That would be very useful @Andernut. The option to remove and reapply paint kits would be nice too, though less profitable for TS.

Thank you, Sarah~