20% disscount atm!

There is a 20% disscount ATM for Boxes :blush:
wait!! why am i happy ? i dont have Tokens :roll_eyes:
so just try next timeto make the disscount a day after finishing raid so we can be able to buy a box or 2 … or just let us know before you make one …
peace :sunny:

Then what’s the point?
You would spend free tokens and not buy anything;that isn’t the intention.


wait for a better drop rate
even a 60% sale it s useless if they keep this drop rate


Paying 20% less to receive 40% less seems like they still have the advantage.


Keep in mind when you buy them…when all boxes are nerfed meaning that you WONT get legy…
Stay smarty.

Dont even buy tokens or boxes at this point , it will turn your happy into eternal depression from the severely nerfed drop rates at the moment

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