2 vs 1 battles in Arena. 3 vs one


How about 2vs 1 and 3 vs 1 battles? The single player if he wins be gets triple the rewards?

This will make the game fun for battling unstoppable higher builds.



Why not? This will be anither Arena you are not forced to play it if you dont want 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 battles

But what would be the point? Who can win such battles? I guess you mean the ultimate matchmaker fails, in which rank 1 mech smashes the shit out of the entire setup of a rank 4-5 player. This is an anomaly, not a rule. It is virtually impossible to win such a scenario when facing equal level mechs… Weird idea…

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3 vs 1 will be impossible to win. Unless you’re the one with 3 mechs.
Even that, it would still be unfair.

How is it fun to get your one and only mech get crushed by 3 builds?


It will be fun beating three mechs … and it is a kind of challenge … a super challenge

I do this when rank 25 players invite me for a 3v3 battle lol

That would actually be impossible, even for Top Players.

Example, you got yourself an Energy Mech that is very strong to other Electricians but weak to Boilers, then you’ll get to fight 2 mechs with your one and only Energy Mech, first enemy mechs comes in which is an Electrician and you won the fight easily, then comes in his Heat Mech, and it overheats the crap outta’ you.

Even if you have like 1 very strong Energy mech and you’ll fight 2 Energies too, you’ll lose HP and weapon uses before you can even drain the 2nd mech. Same for Boilers and Physicals.

And for the 3v3 one, that’s just BS, noone can survive just using 1 mech and fighting 3v3 battles, unless you drop down to Ranks 25-15 just to fight the weaklings, but that will make you a… Ahem, a -Insert a word that’s not nice-.

guys actually we do battle many mechs vs one in Raids , waves and on quests … wont hurt to make multi player vs one Arena.

we can add Bonus in Battle for the single player , like if he destroys one of the mechs he gets heat or energy or HP repair or boost after killing one mech.

no, because who gets to decide if they want 1 or 2 mechs? also it’s pointlees because you will loose since you need at least 1 mech and somewhat the 2nd mech to win most fights if your a pro