2 player's vs 2 player's

I know it’s kind of an thinkfull idea but that is enough.The rules are simple 1(blue) vs 1(red) on frist map and 2(blue) vs 2(red) on second map for those who left are now 1v1(1(blue) 2(red) on third map,also for the player who has low health has 1 turn.Winner and his team get’s same same prize.VOTE NOW IF YOU AGREE OR NOT.

  • Myesh mate that is good
  • No it’s not

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You also might not understand for my grammar,sorry for trying.

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sorry, I’m having some difficulty understanding this, but I think it sounds pretty interesting
I just wish I could understand the full idea

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Same here fam, ill see if i can make this more understandeble

thanks, it would really help people agree with your idea

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Im sorry if i have a terrible grammar im still trying to make understanable so like i said i will make this good.And no problem

Splatter, can you understand what am im trying to say?

Just no.

It’s already too hard to find regular 1v1 battles, almost impossible to find 3v3 matches and teaming? Never, Lol.

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I had also made a theme about something similar but in the end we are worse with the time it takes to look for battles of 2vs2 and 3vs3 :confused:

the first time thought it ment 3 or 2 people in a team fight each other

Ya know i think nobody understandad soo ill just put a vote if you did understanded me


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Also i said ‘‘think’’ soo ill just make sure…

So the layout would be like:

X1. Y1
X2. Y2

X1. Y2

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Is this the multiple players version of regular 2v2/3v3?

Right.That is what i tried to say.

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Yes.(Well i didnt say 3v3.)

Like this
X1 X2
Y1 Y2

first x1 fight vs y1
x2 and y2 watch them to fight
if one mech is destroyed
x2 or y2 continue to fight
if x or y’s all mechs are destroyed
The opposite wins?

Just bring back old SM. Simple!!!

If playerbase would be like 10x bigger then it would work

If winer wins final round then he wins

Almost a terrible fucking idea

… it’s Izuku, just gonna say that