2 New Table Formats for Wiki, which is better?


Hey guys, finally completed two new Prototypes for Table format, though iam having a hard time deciding which to use xD,

Table 1 is easier to view with separate Rarity statistics, But harder to modify or input statistics for one unfamiliar with using wiki, as you would have to access it using Classic Editor not the Default Graphical interface.

Table 2 is kinda crowded especially with items with a wide span for transform range, i tried coloring to make it easier to understand yet Table 1 is still better at that, But Table 2 is Easy to modify or input statistics for anyone.

Link to view Tables --> http://super-mechs.wikia.com/wiki/Tables

I will wait a day or two depending on the number of responses here and on Kongregate to see what you guys would prefer before a decision is made, thank you :smiley:

The OLD, Pre-Nerf Maxed Mythicals Thread

i prefer two because comparing is easier.


I like #2 as well :game_die:


My vote goes for table #2 too.


(Kongregate + Tactisoft forums) total votes 5 for Table Two, so Table Two it is :smiley:


going to darken the yellow, its too bright atm, don’t want people getting migraines xD


Any updates about the Wiki?
Do you guys need any help?


I haven’t seen Libyano on Kong much lately. I’ve been maintaining my mythicals thread but not sure where the wiki is at.


Well i went on fandom, to give a shot of help around there… but seems it can only be edited by the one started it.


Send me the link to the one you see on Fandom?


this one i think.