2 mechs into 1 - why


Again and again, I made a mech, when I wanted to go to arena, my new mech fused with the old mech, why? I am loosing my time, now I have to go again to work and rebuild it, I am really upset, tell me please how you will fix it


This happened me several times just logout and log in :slight_smile:


I tried - without any afects
I had to rebuild all mechs
This game became trash, only bugs everywhere, noone who is able to solve problems, only asking, send to us this and that, after sending silent without any answer, but if you want to win you have to pay and imidiately


Hey there,
This sounds strange. Any chance you can take a video of this?
It would help us investigate.


Sarah, this ” 2 mechs in 1” are the problem of multi rezistence in modules in 1 mechs.