2 Legends In Weekly Reward


i am lucky?




Definitely. But banshee? ewwww. Myth food.




And I don’t get nothing but epics!!


im gonna rub it in cus im a dickhead
i got a stormweaver from the daily box on the second day of the relic quest


Pretty lucky.
At least you didn’t get 2 myth foods…
I got 2 legendary krakens in one weekly box and I was pissed…
but they served their purpose as myth food.

Again, another reason I left the game.


ye :frowning: bad u can get 2 legends from weekly but epic in 75 token premium box


And token drop rates are nerfed too.


ye players will left the game if devs willnt add something new


Three epics - as usual!
and what, perhaps for a week-long tournament legends can fall out? = these are fairy tales))