2 and 3 mechs campaign


I think it would be great to have adicional campaigns for 2 and 3 mechs, instead of just the normal one. That is because some people use 2 or 3 mechs, so individually they have less power. And some people have finished the normal campaign, so they would have more new levels.

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It is a pretty good idea.


Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:


yeh no problem
you should make a poll


What is that? I am new here


the setting tab in the post and then create poll


Now it is done, right?


Try to paste it on it’s own line ^^


Thanks for your help :blush:


Welcome to the forum! :blush::blush:


Thank you. Do you like my idea?


I do.It’s an excellent idea that would improve the experience of the game (or at least that’s how I see it).
Being able to play levels with a duo/trio (team) would be great!


I think that it is a great ider for levleslike that but will the enemys have 3 mechs/buggys/tanks?


There would be more enemies, of course. But for people that usually play with 3 mechs will be easier than normal campaign


good point popotufo i think it is a great idea


Thank you very much for your opinion :smile:


excellent idea…i hope they implement it…


I don’t know, to be honest, but it ain’t so bad. :slight_smile:


Yeah that is actually really good idea.
Maybe it could work like this:
For a 2 mech campaign, levels are the same wth same enemies but they are very strong
Or, it could work like this:
New levels with a pair of mechs so you have to fight two in one battle.

And it would be cool as it would introduce a lot of new strategy, like choosing which mech to use the repair on, or heat boost.