2 account in this forum with problem


In one account of this forum :
Someone has already changed my password, or I can not go in anyway.
In an other account:
All my posts are blocked, because someone has flagged on everyone. (It is not possible)
I also have no longer the ability to create new posts.


Your first problem is bad, is it that you can’t remember your password or has someone hacked it? Try messaging @Alexander but wait how did you post if you got hacked? :disappointed_relieved:

The 2nd one is more of a thing on the forum, forum accounts that look like duplicates (ban avoiders cough cough capo), alt accounts (in your case), or bots automatically have their posts flagged.


Simly after I could not do anything with the first account, I opened the second, then the same and so I opened the third one.


Ah alright, well talk to a mod like @Fluffeh to make sure he doesn’t ban you :disappointed_relieved: for alting (or to see if you can get your first account to work)


Was this ever resolved? If not, I can help. Sorry for just noticing :sweat_smile: