2.5 Year Hiatus

I was never a huge player or anything, but it’s funny comparing how the game was 2.5 years ago to how it is now with my first era back.

The type of players and alliances that exist now are drastically and hilariously different. I remember planting with a group of semi-noob friends for several eras and always being crushed wether or not we boosted a little or not. There were just so many teams that went FTW that we would have no choice but to play for the long game. Nowadays you can plant randomly, not boost a single blue and get picked up by top ranked alliances that have a shot at winning. In the 3 worlds im planted in so far i joined completely random teams and was able to actually have a good shot at winning or completely dominate with no competition (f2).

When I eventually was able to get into alliances with somewhat decent players, we would still have to fight for every rss OP we took and had to defend our territory from everyone. Now you just get people a couple teams separating the map almost instantly.

I guess whats hilarious to me is that 2.5 years ago all the top players said that the game was dead because only 700ish players would plant instead of around 1.5k or something.

Now it seems you’re lucky if you even get more than 100 colonies placed pre tick1 lol

Also so many players suck nowadays. Even if you were in a top 6 alliance you were generally decent and knew the game. I’ve seen a lot of players in rank 1-3 alliances with such low levels of game-knowledge that it makes me sick


browser games are dead my friend


just wait for sea e 3 boi

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i hope sea makes e3 spicy

well thats what the amazing Earth Arena is for!!!1!!1!1!

Thats part of the reason i suggested to Mr.Alex to make an actual game snd put it on Steam.


Excel, the biggest reason this is happening is because there are only 3 good teams rn. Mine, Capo’s, and Tabula’s. Tabula just came back to bd after like 7 years being away and he brought some of his team with him. His team used to be one of the best back then and would dominate ezpz rn once they get back into it. Capo is only playing one world, and i am only playing one world seriously. Our worlds are fine. The rest are dead. When one of us comes to a world you are “dominating”, you wont be seeing that strange phenomena where you are winning with noobs anymore. There are still quite a few teams remaining but most are noob, yeah. When will Trajic and his team come back? :’( then we can have more competition.

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fair enough, but even those worlds you mentioned are nothing like worlds back then

I agree. Only thing that could rival how it was back then was if all of us only planted on one world and went ftw.

But that would just be one workd, not all of them like it were back then

i meant CE3 btw pffft

lmaoooo. and when is ce3 coming up? i didnt think they would ever have it tbh

this would actually be awesome

Whoa excel :o

Idk if you remember me but yea welcome back. :trumpet:

Like Capo said all browser games are dead. Hopefully Alex will cook up something tho

Trajic is in Earth 1

i meant playing with his usual team seriously.


@trajic1 does not have team anymore.

He now makes part of Gay Empire.


And sits inactively on M1. Said the Pot to the kettle. :smiley:

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Who leads the Gay empire?