2,222,222 gold, that's sick!

look at my coins…I dunno how it happened…

Edit: this is not photoshop…I don’t even have ps


I’m not saying you faked it cuz this happens easily. But just saying, if you wanted to. You could bloody fake this with paint.

I literally just saying I’m not said you faked it. I’m just telling you, you COULD with paint. PS isn’t really needed everywhere to fake anything,

Nice accomplishment! This is a rare feat, and so satisfying :+1:

I like your new profile picture too, good colours

What if I bought a Christmas hat…would you have been unsatisfied?..it would be 2,222,221

hmm… don’t

Does it matter?

Thanks…it was made by @TechnoDive


Now look at this now net that I just found. When I say go, be ready to throw. Go! Throw it on him, not me! Ugh, let’s try something else. (tell me where this comes from and I will have breakfast / lunch / dinner)

We are number one

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How many christmas hats did u buy to get it at 2,222,222 :question:

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Look at this guys

this time I bought a few Christmas hats but …it’s still cool


Lol. I gotten 72 thousand gold exact when my level was 72 before xD
Im level 109 right now btw.


This ss was taken some time ago

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