2.0 Repair Drone, Bring back the horror!


Yeah but the thing is. If this drone is added then every other drone is the game will become useless and for those stats you suggested is there even any heat generation or energy consumption?


Let us look back at the legacy version.
DS cancer builds show up(unfortunatly i was the idiot that made the first, just so we could counter the swarmers build that were ruleing the game for 3 months).
Others pick up the ideea… and tadadada DS vs DS 120-180 turns matches apear! Those matches took half an hour or more to complete. They were horible.
3 weeks pass… new ultra cooling module apears.
And the DS evolves, to a 690 hp, 31res, healing drone mrk2, 103 regen, 120 cooldown… impoaible to beat by most builds.
The Shreders make a come back, paired with a rare/epic phis sword without pushback. Just so you could counter that cancer build.
It was chaos, Kig wins 3 consecutive gold medals with his lineup of 3 690 DS builds, Shiro clan wins 3 clan gold medals, because most of their members were using that build. And then the comunity ignites, and for the first time they stand united against the cheaters and account sellers.
It was chaos, the devs were confused, the whole underground ring of account sellers is made public, bans are beeing done, entire topics are beeing shutdown, but the revolution continues, people start to ask for their moneyback, talks about lawsuits, petitions are made, reports are send to paypal and googlepay.

In the end they, hit shiro with 6 bans, and shiro dismantels.
And all this was started from a stupid build and a module, that was unbeatable.
Current scenario, 3000+hp build with repair drone even with just 100 hp/turn, let alone 250hp/turn, even with limited uses, makes the build unbeatable,
Because most wepons are limited use also(3 uses most of them), that means the amount of dmg you can dish out is limited also( 2 anihilations and 1 nihht eagle, dish out around 1800-2200, even less against a myth protector.
So i say to you, NO, it is a very bad ideea.


^ What he said. I’d hate to see Tacticsoft open that can of worms again, it would be a nightmare in this meta…


lol, that’s not correct dude - maybe when used in tandem + a drone you can get close to 750 and that’s after you’ve drained the opponent’s energy. Valiant sniper on it’s own is actually pretty weak - it’s the energy drain that’s useful


Thats actually true , the valiant is only good for its energy drain , if it wanst for it , it would be very weak.


It’s okay if they bring back repair drones,but maybe 250 hp is too op?


No… I don’t want those corner battles anymore.


Corner battle ? aren’t Flaming scope great in those cases ? ^^


What’s the point of a repair drone in #SMReloaded?
Heal 50 point while the opponent’s drone does 150 to you?
And you would regen a little bit of health every turn instead of doing some to the opponent…
I think it’s a bad idea to bring 'em back.


If they were brought back in the correct way it would be cool

Epic: 65 HP heal (8 energy cost, 10 heat cost and 3 of each resistance cost)

Max myth: 200 HP heal (20 energy cost, 30 heat cost and 7 of each resistance cost)

This means energy mechs could break their energy to stop regen, heat mechs could still over heat them, and if the battle lasts a long time the resistance will ware them down quicker.

If a game lasts 5 turns, theyve managed to gain back 1000 HP but lost the ability to do 800 drone damage, and they also now take an additional 35 damage from each attack done.

By the 10th turn they still heal 200 HP, but the resistance drop means you can do an extra 210 damage per turn.

Obviously this would need to be balanced but if done well wouldn’t mean an extended game time.

Alternatively you could make it like the shocker, and it goes away after 3 turns of healing 250 HP each time. (same costs)


I like the resistance drain idea, it’s a good way to re-implement it. :slight_smile:


I agree,it would be more balanced this way.
However,I think 250 would be too much.
Lets say this.I have a physical type mech (so I would have an annihilation side weapon;1 at least) and go against a player (of any random build) that has a healing drone.
I would do a medium dmg of 250 per hit plus the 15 phys res drainage (and my drone)
That healing drone would take another 7 points of my opponent’s phys resistance (that would make -22 res first time) while negating that 1 hit from before and also dealing dmg to me in return-he would only suffer from the drone’s hit,therefore,dealing more dmg to me instead.
Second time,same strategy,but this time I’d have an advantage over his res.
Lets say he also has dual annihilations.So,he does 500 dmg to me (average) and regenerates 250(negating one of my annihilation’s hit).After that turn,while he did 500 dmg to me,I would have done 250+drone hit (lets say 125 avg)+a little bit of extra dmg from the extra resistance drain(that 7 dmg from the self-draining from the first turn)
the next turn I’d do another 7 extra dmg (382 from before plus an extra 7)
However…500>389 also…
SUMMARY:If the drone was to heal this much (200-250),every player that owns it would have a pretty significant advantage.
If the drone was to heal for less than 200/250 then it wouldn’t make much of a difference.
Note:I won’t go about how it would work against energy builds because the result is the same.The advantage would be in the drone owner’s hands.
CONCLUSION:(from my point of view) It would be a better idea not to bring back the repair drones.
Thanks for the time you spent reading this,I hope I phrased it in a way you’d understand what I mean.


That’s a good point actually.


initially the regen drone would be a bonus to someone but that bonus quickly drops off as the turns progress and resistance drains more and more. You also have to remember they are using this instead of a damage drone which could do 200hp damage to you.
but yes, i get that it need balancing :slight_smile:


Can’t we all just agree that this topic doesn’t make any different in TS’s decisions? Other than a few sprites , I haven’t seen even 1 suggestion of our being implemented

Y’all are just wasting time


A drone wouldn’t do that much dmg right from the start…Especially if your mech has some resistance modules on it ( it would take a good couple turns for a drone to achieve 200 dmg on hit)
200 per turn would be too much.Goes without saying 250…
Most battles aren’t that long at all,so (withing my calculations) a drone that would heal 140 to 150 hp (at max upgraded mythical tier) would be on par with the dmg taken/dmg done ratio for both sides(on an average 15-rounds fight).Would be even better if the amount is variable (like 120-170 or 130-160 per turn).
Like this,with the self-draining involved,My drone would achieve a value closer to 200 while your drone would keep you pretty stable and still running.
I see you’re pretty enthusiastic about this healing drone and,from the looks of this topic,I think it’s gonna get rebalanced and implemented.
However,my conclusion doesn’t change:I think it’s better not to implement it.


My maxed void has never hit 250, max it has reached was 210-220 at -30- -40 drain and the match would be over .

On an average in the beginning it does 120-130 DMG, and by the time opponent is at -30 res , it starts hitting 200,


I would indeed like to see its return but I’m for anything that makes the game a bit more complex. Shields, regen drone, a resistance that works against heat or energy effect damage. Anything that would mix up the game a little I think would be cool.


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we all like that, but we need to stop speculating about a possible and bring more concrete information, because the will and the haser are separated by the action