2.0 Repair Drone, Bring back the horror!

Like the title mentioned , bring back this version’s repair drone , instead of 40 maxed like the previous version , makes it repair 250+ HP per time , encourage people to make creative mechs and more unique mech builds

“Unique and Creative”

  • OMG yes please add this back. I loved repair drones!
  • OMG NO, JUST NO. This would ruin the game
  • Interesting idea, I’d want it to be balanced if it was to come back

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Added you a poll so we can see the community’s reaction to this :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated elcent


nice bait topic


Absolutely NOT!!! The game is good as it is, no more pushback runaway mechs please. It’s better to find a good strategy on how destroy the enemy, not to escape from him


I don’t want those 5+ min battles again so just NO.

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Ah well, I see many people here are pesimistic. They all think it would be impossible for them to get the repair drone, and they also think it all high rank players would get it easily. STOP BEING PESIMISTIC.

me gustaria tener ese drone ,pero no me gustaria que otro lo tenga…mejor que cure menos ,no deseo encontrarme con un mech fisico con ese drone

depends on the transform chain…^^

i do not want 81 res mechs to constantly repair themselves.

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#No repair.Drones!!!

6 Myth HP plate a repair drone ! It will RUIN the game

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My reasons for not liking the repair drone:
-insanely long battles 250 health is way too much that is more than the damage my lvl 24 mech can do in a single turn that would mean that id both duelers have repair drones then they might not be able to do any damage to each other and there would be a stalemate and don’t people will use insanely high resistance mechs with this as well
-It will be extremely op for campaign missions since, people could just battle tanks/buggys and don’t kill them, the ai won’t have good enough weapons to do more than 250+ damage so people could literally GAIN health from battles.

-I think the stats for it should be something like 100 repair, 50 heat generation and 20 energy usage

My reasons why Repair Drones shouldn’t be added:

-It just makes the battle longer

-With the existence of mythical hp plates, players with over 1,000 hp and a Repair Drone would be near impossible to defeat

-It’s pretty OP


agreed way too op
20 characters

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wtf? +250 hp per round? it is very op

It could work and not be terrible if it either was a drone with limited uses like the Face Shocker, or if it was a weapon with limited ammo.

Some Weapons like valiant sniper or Bunker shell , ash creators can deal up to 750+ damage per turn mind you

pero el problema radicaria con los rang medio y bajos ,hay las armas no hacen mucho daño ,alguien con ese drone estaria en clara ventaja,amenos que de mucho sobrecalentamiento y gaste mucha energia

Can just start with nerfing those two tbh, the drone like the one person said. Limited uses like face shocker and a set amount of HP.

But lemme throw another variable in, limited Uses throughout the whole fight. So you can’t recall it. Not trying to have 5 minute fights because of them.

did you see +750 damage with one shoot? i seen just 586 damage with bunker shell and it was pretty hard