1kg old teleport and others

Make a few available . 1 kg teleport , shields 10 or 15 percent . Push weapons like blow back etc . Nothing that was a myth just common items you could buy fro shop

Legacy = Legacy

So if @tacticsoft delete them, ALL legacy will be deleted :exclamation:


Doesn’t matter how much you discuss about, or if you like it or not :exclamation:


And that’s what i’m asking,to delete all legacy and give some reward.

not true. I remember a period when fluffeh advised me to use 25% energy for one of my builds and it worked. and also: in the months imediately before reloaded many players adopted one of the most annoying builds in SM history: pushback based mechs with repair drones and 30-35% energy shields.

just try and use a shield higher than 25% on a mech now, it’s not possible I believe. my 25% is only just comfortable, any higher and I’d encounter issues and this is on a mech with naga torso and 4X energy engines and 2X energy mass boosters and 15% arena bonus on energy cap and regen (E stats of 731/458). I think that it scaled up pretty much the same since pre-reloaded. I know that michelle says she only uses 15% which would have been considered low pre-reloaded. 20% was most popular then, sometimes 25% or 15% was used. now we see pretty much the same shield ranges amoung the few people who still have them.

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Well … in my “calculation” you can use …

  • 50% shield = + 400 HP saved / turn
  • +Mighty Protector = +90 Pys Resist
  • +UltraHot Protector = +90 Exp Resist
  • +SuperCharge Protector = +90 Ele Resist
  • 4 Platinum Plates = +1260 HP
  • 800 Energy Cap / 300 Regeneration
  • 700 Heat Cap / 350 Cooling
  • Spartan Carnage do +500 Phy damage / shot

Is following Mech …

1000 kg
3362 HP
800/300 Energy/ Regeneration
700/350 Heat/Cooling
90/90/90 Resist

… all my “calculations” are based on scientific formulas :exclamation:

Best possible Heat Mech …

994 kg
1634 HP
200/64 Energy/Regenration
300/150 Heat/Cooling
0/0/0 Resist

… not fair, huge unfair disadvantage for all Heat players :exclamation:

Please note I play only Heat mechs and all my numbers and “calculations” are not based or selfish, all correct :exclamation:




And this is without even the arena shop…
Heats need a buff, maybe we can imagine some given victories as a compensation…


OMG, yes I forgot about the Arena Shop Bonuses …

Physical has a HUGE 1 time …

  • +20 % Physical damage

Energy has ONLY 2 times …

  • +20 % Electric Damage
  • +20 % Energy Damage

Heat has ONLY 2 times …

  • +20% Explosive Damage
  • +20% Heat Damage

Thats not fair, 40% is a lot smaller than this HUGE 20% :exclamation:

Please delete all Physicals from this game :exclamation:



And we can pack 108 res eveywhere also…

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no thats not true, only Physical players can use the Arena Shop about this :exclamation:
Heaters cannot click this “Upgrade” button :exclamation:


Shet, you are right.
We need balance.

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I call this picture the “Dream of Balance” …




Im done with this game, too much unbalance. Retireing…

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Good idea … should we only retire from Gameplay and stay in Forum or also from Forum :question:

I would need 1 more Platinum Plate anyways :exclamation:


Look at the poll.
Many of them said that it should it be removed.
If soo…then shields will and pretty other legacy items as well.

You are now ganbanging up on me.
Baseless accusations. Prove it.
Also i want public apologies…

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Did you noticed that tacticsoft did the opposite from what player voted for :question:
And that even, when they asked us directly :exclamation:



I actually had one on my old energy account.
But I removed it because it was like, every 1 damage was 5 energy.
And I only had like 305 energy at that point.
So I removed it.
But I think it was a mistake xd

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I feel like the L/M teleporter is a good opportunity to replicate some of the unavailable utility of the legacy teleports since frankly the L/M teleporter is worse than the common one for the majority of the things people use teleporters for (i.e. teleporting to any range except 1). So why not make it useful by having it be super light, or multi-use, or something.

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How does that even have to do with the Hammers & Axes poll?

And please look it up again and see the result.

Removing 1 kg teleporters is pure robbery and I will not stand for it.