18 resistance/shield or hacker?


Death Note

Electron defence +8 energy shield.

  • 18 energy shield = 26
  • 18 fire shield ( I had already attacked - 2 )
  • 18 fisical shield

Is it possible ?
Module 12 : have only 17

UPDATE: Floor Buffs Are Gone!

By Shield I guess you mean resistance
Well that look kinda weird I didn’t see any +18 resistance module


so … conclusion :
is this a hacker?


Probably. Though there’s a bug where you can wear 2 or more than resist modules.


Wow thats broken. :worried:


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one, since the shop has been removed (where you could see (most likely) all items) you can never know… :confused: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I playing this since 2012 I know most of the items and almost every module 'cause I never fused a module


Lookie lookie


There are 18 and 19 resistance modules unreleased, many players got that modules from cheating like the giant mech perk.



We have submitted a fix to Apple and Google Play. Just waiting for an approval from them to release it.