16 September Update

  • Premium account

  • New multiplayer UI design

  • Finally some players can use all mech slots

  • New modules design

  • Legacy item Converter

If you find anything else, be sure to write about it!


Oh WOW!! your mechs look just like mine!!! :grinning:

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it is not just all mech slots those grey ones are mech storage. You can drag your mech into it and store it so you can have 6 builds at a time.
You forgot to take the other 2 pics of it that I posted…

Stored mechs still take up inventory though.
But now I have a place to keep stuff I dont want to fuse though.

Lol, I didn’t even know there was this update - I thought it was April Fools come early.

It’s not appearing for us on Kongregate.

sirve comprar premium box?

@kingblinks The update happened late last night not 16th of september

And why you use dolly’s account for pics… your new alt maybe?

She used them because she stole them from the other thread that I am posting them in @El_Metre lol.

Who is she? Sheblinks?
How the little things come toghether … dont they

I dont know she asked for screenshots in the other thread because she could not see the updates and all my pics ended up here in her topic. :pig2:

Who is she? The new doll of SM?
Love the pink piggy

Kingblinks is a girl right her little picture is a green haired girl?
IDK I am assuming…

Sure u are… sure u are…and sure she is… you dont know who pigbliks is… and you assume that we…hmm … how to put it gentley… are dumb… hello michy the pink piggy. So just a wild guess like out of the blue… i assume piggyblinks is betsy the mexican mule… that would fit the “she” profile… and i assume that … hmm… wait i know…

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Man I have no idea what you’re talking about… He or she I dont know his or her sex stole my pictures from a different thread… i am not kingblinks…

Never said you were… or did I? Oops…

I am assuming I am Dolly, since those are my mechs and my name is toxicDOLL
Do you talk so much you forget what you say?

Yes i tend to not remember what i say… but i do remember what others say… and i think that is alot better for me.
You assume so many things… more things then women assume… more assumtions like …hmm bipolar pacients have. And i know some one here is bipolar.
But back on the subject… yes i do assume that you and sheblinks are related… and i do belive both of you are now under the patronage of the fairy-mule-mother… since you all “girls” are into pinky fest moods.

Nothing new.
He likes to carp people.
Very similar to “Gopnik” from Russia.

So, dont worry about that.

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Sorry I thought you was a girl haha your forum pic looks like the green haired girl from bleach

I thought chavs like u, are no longer a sight in Ucraine… aperently you had to go back to the proletarian state that formed you… Soviet comrade.
Is that a new trenchy i see on you… or a new beer… changes your look so much… very stilish improvement.

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