12 fuel on Hard? That is INSANE!


God damn it, Tacticsoft… How greedy you guys are to spoil the fun of the game even further? So far, item portals were the only bright side, I could even forget your shitty nerfs from the past, since the portals gave me a reliable source of legendaries. I gave up spending money on this crappy game, I cut down on playing, I only do the dailies and keep up with the arena points. But now!!! 12 fuel on the hard level? With shitty drop rates? Grinding item portals stops to be fun any more! Do you really think about the consequences of your actions? Instead of boosting up the player experience, you downgrade it even further? What sick strategy is that? @Sarah247, after pathetic proposals related to my good idea with the World Cup with Supermechs, this is what you offer to the community? Do you really give not a single FAQ about us? I guess it is time someone of you told us, the players, what is happening… REALLY…


I know…It’s a huge scam.
More expensive portals for the same amount,if not worse drops!


Now I won’t even farm the portals anymore.
I barely get legends from those,and then now the fuel costs have increased?I think i’ll just spend tokens on packs instead…


How about just play it for tokens and leave it be.


Yup, only reasonable option left for getting legendaries, except I believe that may have been nerfed too on drop rates for legendaries.


They will write the book: How to destroy a good game for dummies.

And the 101 thing.

Also: How to lose players and demotivate people.

No marketing skills or business sense between the lot of em.


For TS 15 fuel on insane for a portal that sometimes give nothing, its suuuuuuper normal… stupid developers…


yeah and really low drop rates i got 5 hours farming and 0 legends .-. I start thinking whether to retire from the game…


Got one legend in 2 refills… super nice drop…


8 refills 0 legends >:c


Just got viking hammer… already have two of this one… Really TS?RLY?


I hope that they reverse this .-.


@TheYeff probably they won’t… i already know how ts works, and they are really dumb… oh well, the game won’t last much at this rate…


Welcome to SuperMechs.


Did you guys get the message ts is sending right? "If you not liking the drop of those portals, buy some prem packs, they might be better than that… Just maybe…


what’s new,fuel consumption still suks, (pun pun pun), it says better rewards in bla bla bla time and they are just as gray,blue as what you get startin this game,same with “You get better REWARDS playing PVP Battles” WRONG. Most of the rewards you get are not advanceable, or to epic and thats it. If this is a P2W thing, then the only way to play this game is make it you have to pay to enter, no guest, f2p. X number of dollars to enter, then you can play all you want, otherwise no pay no play. Me personally dont have or use credit cards so that screws me royally.


i really wish the price went back to normal… also i think the drops are a bit higher, or i may be wrong
anyways this 50% fuel cost is not fun


Simple truth is…

If you play this game for free (I’m pretty sure Tacticsoft considers people who watch their ads as F2P as well) they honestly don’t care one bit about you. They actually want you to quit because your revenue stream is irrelevant to them.

They are stratifying this game more and more to make it Haves and Have Nots. That seems to be their strategy to incentivize people to spend money.

You would literally have to be an absolute fool to start playing this game as a new player. I started back at the end of December of last year. Even then I benefitted a ton from just a few months of no nerfing. People who started this game around March and on are at such a severe disadvantage it really isn’t worth their time to play this game.

I was curious about Tacticsoft’s other game but now I don’t give a damn about it. I flat out don’t trust this company and wouldn’t recommend this game or any other by it.

Most companies try to reward their player base for sticking with their game. This one literally goes out of the way to punish you for it.


Why did y’all increase the fuel price. In that case increase our fuel complicity. You need to make it more economical. In this case only the rich or higher ranks can access this drone or any other weapon your trying to put out there. To increase peoples chances of getting this stuff they need hope. There is no hope if fuel cost is so high. You have to be kind to the lower ranks of the game.

It is only fair.
I’m not just speaking for the lower ranks but this is not fair


pss buddy
i think you meant fair