12/28/2017 Merry Christmas!

Mobs just got BUFFED!
Drop rate for fortune boxes dropped!
New portal opens! not for Christmas …or New years…FOR THANKSGIVING!
Making campaign harder is an obvious effort to drain tokens by reviving.
Am I the only one having a hard time understanding the thinking behind …well, everything??
I don’t know about you guys…but repeated slaps in the face are making it hard to come back


What thinking?

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What’s this thanksgiving nonsense?

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All the thinking that has to be put into clicking a mouse button, it’s very difficult you know especially for early stage Millennials they prefer everything done for them… aka automated game play…

Yeah , having your fuel limit cutted in half and bosses getting buffed so you can have more problems grinding them is mazing too ! dont forget to mention that

How much tokens did they give you to say all these nonsense