10k premium pack

who can do wins join INMAX were going to try this league to win this premium pack

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lets see a rank 15 join inmax guys

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@Elena007 here is the leader of INMAX you send a private ms to the leader Lenka Cas

I thought 10k was just another premium box? Saw a post here last year saying it wasn’t worth it

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10k, damn… Everone have to pitch in with atleast 417 wins

yes, its premium box

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or a smurf with 1000 wins in under an hour

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All in all, we’re intending to shatter the previous record. Every clan deserves a title, eh?

less talk and more fights. be a top in the top clans. show what you can do and what you are made off. :thinking:

Uh, what does that supposed to mean?

I will like to see the winner of that pack. :wink:

But the pack doesn’t exist.

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I know but will be cool. :ok_hand:

Very easy for some people xd

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Precisely ^

This text will be blurred

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Why do you make this easy for me to make an insult??? Why???

I’m just saying it’s easy for some people, people who still feel the game and are on vacation.

In order to do this, you must recruit the vietnam bros


Yes the vietnam brothers did 10k wins all by themselves i can recall