1000 tokens to get premium 5 packs (part 2)


Let see the drop is it good!?!


If anyone asks me to do it,I wasted all my tokens for marine camo.

I’m pretty sure that drop rate sucks.


Maybe no one will buy this packs
But if someone to buy the tokens,they will get the good drop


1 legendary each from 1 pack
5 packs = 5 legendarys
But that’s not the reward so I call bullshit



First time I bought this pack I received Epics only!!!


Awww man… i got cra- WAIT IS THAT A MAXIMUM PROTECTOR? (And my 3rd heat storage unit)


Nice! I think the highlights would be that Protector and the Heat Storage Unit, like you said. I also think the Heat and Energy Engines could be good though.


nobody should buy this offer but as you can see there are too many sleepy players.

Tactisoft must realize that no one is supporting their game; this would force them to change their politics.

An amazing song of Pink Floyd says: United we stand, divided we fall.
And we are all divided.


*I would unite, but the people who want me to all encourage and partake in personal attacks to win arguments. Honestly, if you were polite, respectful, objective and open-minded, I feel like the issues would all be resolved already…


5 legendary?!?
Is it just mythical food?


Again,this might be the best offer yet,but too bad I don’t have that many tokens…




Bruh I’m saying that premium packs are awful.

( That you should at least get 1 legendary from 1 pack but you don’t. ) They need to enable that. Oh it’s you Sohoku Gamer :slight_smile:


Drops are terrible. I only got five non l-m legendaries.

Not a single premium item for 1k tokens ($10 value if I’m not mistaken).

Really abysmal drop rate.


you all know that drop rates are shit and you keep buying boxes at every offer?

Tacticsoft is laughing on you


Only useful item for me was maximum protector ! all rest was trash… in each box I got some legendary…


Please don’t buy this deal… it’s a horrible deal and you will lose…
Lately ts have only been controlled by greed off money and the only way to have any control to such childish behavior is ignore it.
So please do not buy this crap.


I-I-I’ll trade ya for a claw… :grin:


well 1000 tokies…
5 premium packs…
1 food legend…
4 packs… only purple…
This is getting worse and worse…


Nooooo! Do not tell me you bought this crap!