1000 Tokens for 5 Pack Deal is Back!


Thank you for say that. I’m so sorry. Scam again.


I love this one , but sadly i have only 249 tokens , So ■■■■ it


I’m coming to buy

teleport,Brutality,face shocker,Ash creator,dynamite boot and torso lightning

nothing luxury,
I spent 70 dollars the beginning of the month pff


Please don’t spend your money on that game anymore mate.


I got another Platinum Plate with this offer …

… 1000 tokens for 1 Platinum Plate … a clear … yes it is a good offer :exclamation:


Thank you @Sarah247, @SilverBox and @Mohadib :exclamation:



Not everyones.


I just wish I wasn’t so poor.

And I also wish I hadn’t spent over 2k tokens worth of useless premium boxes, packs, and paints in my lifetime.


Got 6 legends:
-Mercy (no use for it, have 2 I’m not using already)
-Valiant Sniper (3rd copy, I’ll use it)
-Molten Platinum Vest (I wanted this)
-Lightning Platinum Vest (already had one)
-Blazing Legs (junk)
-Grim Cobra (junk)

My hunt for a Bulldog, Brightroar, Magma, Platinum Plate, or Max Protector continues.


Sorry for reviving this topic but I bought this pack that I opened yesterday. Here is what I got:

In this last pack, you can see the ShortShocker drone, which was released 4 days ago… So now we know that items are not determined at the time of purchase, but when opening boxes.


Whoo! Thanks for that info. I actually wondered about this because I like to record for my pack openings which mean I save them up. And sometimes a new item would have been released after the collection.



Yeah, that’s good info!

The haul though… not so good