100%spam my wifi password

Hey there! Here’s my wifi password:

keep trying…


P.S. I share it with a lot of other people

You’re almost there!

Found It!


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Yes thank you for this wifi

ok great now I can connect to ur wifi next time I come over… oh wait

Did you figure it out yet?

yeah its 4273

No, that I didn’t give you the name of my wifi…

yeah but I go over to your house all the time so I know it

And that’s how I know you’re lying…

  1. I don’t have anybody over to my house all the time, only once in a while (a few times a year at most)
  2. the name of my wifi is IHG Connect
  3. you don’t know me
  4. I’m in a hotel

Psssst! I’m in your duct system!
Thanks for the wifi my dude!


thx for the wifis

i really needed to tell that kid jimmy that his mum stinks