100 Push-Ups A Day

Who wants to join me in doing 100 push ups a day?

I’ve tried doing it everyday but I just forget but it’s easier/more motivational if someone else does it with you

Casualdude is too weak in spirit to do it with me so I’m on the lookout


Basically a thread or pm saying you’ve done your 100 and/or reminding the others to do theirs

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We do 200 in every kickboxing practice

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I have practice 3 times per week

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600 a week so
But i can accompany you on this activity

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Lets start from now, fall down and begin ! Lets go! 1!2!3! Cmon mooove

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I play football (soccer) to stay fit and all but it’s end of school so I want to do something to hopefully keep me going til next season

I used t be in a seccer academy for 5 years, then joined a basketball one and now in a kickboxing one

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I do around 120 Push ups 2-3 times a week, 25-100 squats (if im not weak), and 25-50 crunches (i dont do situps no more, they suck a lot)

Also doing 100 pushups, situps or whatever everyday is not that good, as your body will get less time to rest. If it hurts the next day, give it another rest, you now have muscle fatigue congrats

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I’m joining you and we start tomorrow.

100 push-ups,my dude.


I’m up for it.


I mean

I started again today and my arms are already heavy so we’ll have over the weekend to adjust to the pain

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Saitama is proud of you.

-100 situps

-10 km

- bald

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Saitama is super proud of you.
He want to be your sensei, do you accept the invite from the second strongest living creature?

(y)yes (n) no


I can only do 17 :joy::joy:

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join us

I did my 100

and now you can too

Do you want to be Saitama’s student?
(y)yes (n)no