10.3 version / update

Hi @Sarah247 !

Hi @Mohadib !

Something is wrong with the update / version 10.3.

If I click “Arena” it directly search for battle, no clue if it is 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 !

So if I click the “arrow” in the left upper corner, it says “aborting”, BUT stack there for ever.

  • Log out, log in … didn’t help

  • cleared cache and cookies … didn’t help

  • change to phone version … didn’t help

Can you please look into that :hammer: :wrench: :scissors: :exclamation:

P.S.: Maybe it is because I was searching for battle, during you updated :exclamation: :question:
Anyways, my game-play is broken right now - please correct it :grey_exclamation:

P.P.S.: :heart: :sparkler: Merry Christmas :sparkler: :heart:

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That’s the brand new update… a great update…

Try to enter lobby, it throws you into battle against a nothing… and force you to logout.

Brand new alternate logout method. :slight_smile:


I mean … it would be not the first update with a big mistake in it.
The 7th or 8th (with such a big issue) :question:

Ok, mistakes can happen.


WHY they (@jonny) don’t TEST the updates BEFORE releasing :question:


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Maybe they don’t want us to play on Christmas. No playing= no complaining about the missing portals and events.


TS devs:

Can someone send me their User ID number that is having this issue?
I will have the devs look into this right away.

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EVERYONE has this issue. On the PC version. If you have a functional mech on slot 1.

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Not true. It is working fine for me and a couple of the other admins I have spoke to.

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Not me, I checked…I have a functionnal slot onemech and I’m on PC…

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That’s strange then, everyone I spoke to told me they had the same issue on PC.

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We should have it sorted out shortly.
I will send a message when it is working again.

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When does be Unicorn Portal ? Please tell me :slight_smile:

Man what makes you think there will be any unicorns this time? Lol

Hi guys,
The issue should be fixed now. Please refresh the game.



Thanx and :heart: :sparkler: Merry Christmas :sparkler: :heart:



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