1!st legend from box

guys I just now got a fortune box by big boy and got brightroar is it good l-m


1st legend from box :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on getting L-M!

Currently, there aren’t many who use brightroar. It just doesn’t seem to pair well with the other energy weapons. It keeps you in close range, and that isn’t usually ideal for energy.

If you can, hang on to it. You never know when it could be buffed or when a new weapon might be introduced that makes it more valuable.

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yep I now I have weaker weapon than that so I will use it on 2 mech than upgrade than will use

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Speaking bout fortune boxes ive had them drop twice and they were both epics from all being rare before so something couldve changed

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kk :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… I’m going to abuse big boy cause of this, 10/10 It’s good for a L-M Elec weapon

Brightroar used to be my first L-M melee weapon, and it still is, but then I used it for upgrading food, not myth food, upgrading food to upgrade my Zarkares, now I feel ashamed that they buffed it now ;-;

And plus now there’s “The Claw Energy Crabs” walking around now, there’s no good melee weapon except for that (excluding Ash Creator), plus a Brightroar now deals atleast 197-308 dmg, which if paired with a The Claw stomp combo, is deadly. But it’s energy drain is the exact same with Last Words, which is not too shabby.

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