1 Non-Boosting Server (but with a small opt in fee)


I know, there’s been countless suggestions similar to this.

But, what if there was 1 server where you’d pay a small fee (for example 1 dollar) to enter.

On this server boosting will not be allowed, except for donations and stuff that doesn’t give the player any advantages (like the golden colony).

Now, to make players, new and old, tempted to play on this server there will be: (these are just suggestions of course)

  • No boosting to get advantages
  • The winning prize is RED TOKENS and blue tokens
  • Relics will not spawn, and can not be created.
  • There is no teams, the setting is: you against everyone else
  • The winner is the guy who is rank 1 by the end of the era

Also, the era is (because no relics) relatively short.

Let’s say the opt in time is quite long, like 1 month, but the actual era ends at 1200 ticks.


A rather small map so that the competition is tougher even with fewer players.

For example; a moon map.

A few more notes:

If there’s very few players who opt in the first time this is tried (I doubt it though), then maybe a one time fee alternative could be added.

Perhaps, that the payer must share battle dawn on some social media channels. I say this because reach is arguably more important for battle dawn at this time, than the money they earn right now.

So, what do you guys think? Tacticsoft?

  • Please implement this to the game
  • Trash it

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i doubt players would really prefer playing on such a world.
and what about the “Battle dawn is a free to play MMO RPG”?


I never understood this ideas, reds aren’t the issue the community mentality is.


i doubt reds should be a reward plus reds never won eras who ever made that stereotype lied


Yes, red tokens is the bread and butter for battle dawn to survive.

However, they are also the reason why this game never reached it’s full potential.

I believe this game would’ve been a much bigger success if released on Steam, as a pay once to download game (like Civ)

  • they should’ve made it more noob-friendly. The only thing that got me hooked the absolute first time I played was Havoc with insane resources…

It lacks something that hooks new players in the start, something that makes them interested enough to go on and learn what the real game is like.


Always proposed and declined :smiley:

Personally i dont think its a good idea.
Reds isnt that much of a bonus as it looks trust me.
Just a little headstart ,later on boosting doesnt really matter when most people are at or near max workers and overhead is insanely high so boosting res is mostly useless


You’re probably right…

But it doesn’t change the fact that this game could’ve been infinitely more successful if the developers actually cared.

Basically, BD is a lovely game that had immense potential, but the developers are dumb and greedy - they stopped caring and use the money from boosters for their own pleasure.

Fixing a few bugs here and there, thats all they do to keep BD-lovers hopeful.


It’d be nice if we could make suggestions and improve the game without making such baseless claims about the devs. Some mistakes were made for sure, but I think you missed the part where Michael (the creator of this game) paid for the game to continue existing for years out of his own pocket… They (we now, I guess) always cared.

As others already pointed out, the game isn’t so simple. While I agree boosting is an advantage, it’s mostly due psychology (in truth, anyone who thinks units win wars probably needs to fight a few more wars :stuck_out_tongue: Attitudes do. Morale does.)

We’ve already tried before to get a buy-in era going, interest wasn’t great enough, and having an era that small isn’t much fun either.

Since it seems you’re quite frustrated with how often boosters win (I get it :stuck_out_tongue: We are too. Not because we dont like boosters, they support this game so everyone can play it, they’re the MVP along with the people who share this game and the mentors and all the other people who make BD great… But because the game is more fun when its hard to guess who will win, and some people seem to feel like helping the #1 win is a good idea :frowning:) – How about some suggestions on how we could make this game more interesting? How we can empower not the non-boosters or anything like that, but basically everyone who isn’t winning so we see a few more upsets in eras?

How can we convince people to gang up together?

I’ve some ideas of course, some planned already, some just things to think about, but I would absolutely love to hear even better ones! :slight_smile:

Edit: As for play once per download, this game thrives on the community. The idea of not having all these amazing people who come from countries where a game isn’t so cheap and affordable, all these people who found us through the web, is terrifying for me. Maybe we’d do better, maybe not, but I wouldn’t give the community we have now for any other.


Roger that. Maybe I was being a bit harsh…

Sounds like you are committed to this game, I was wrong.

I also read your recent post about upcoming updates, will they come? If so, I am very glad.

I’d also like to hear what you guys actually have in mind? What are the ideas you’re talking about?

Thanks :slight_smile:


To be honest I’d love to hear other peoples ideas opposed to push to much onto people :stuck_out_tongue: But if you’re really interested, I’d propose joining the Maintenance Team. We discuss updates, we have a very open format that in my opinion is very constructive to the game (even when there’s no “tasks” for a bit, having the discussion going leads to great conclusions). There is an update coming very soon (finished but untested).

I’ll announce on the forums once its testable through RC. Some ideas currently already voted on are done, others will be for the one after depending on what fits :slight_smile:


Who will be testing?
Can some players get a chance to test it as well?
Not so whether the game works correct or not, But whether the community actually enjoys it or not, for example (Just an example) If you suddenly remove a whole map(obviously not the such an update,just making a point) then the players that usually play that map will quit,some may keep playing but the enjoyment and excitement of it will be gone