Battle Dawn   Alliance Recruitment

Malek the Great of Brazilia (12)
Old School Coming Back (9)
CME, SiN, ReV, new alliance formation (17)
Returning player looking to join an alliance in E2 and/or F3 (3)
Played what seems like a decade ago. Wanting to get back into it (2)
Looking for team play with me (1)
Looking to make a alliance team/join a team on fantasy servers (2)
Looking for an active alliance across eras (3)
Looking for a alliance in world 3? (9)
Looking for a team on e3 (7)
Looking for a solid alliance (4)
G3SE Recruiting for G3 special event (2)
BDA: Recruiting for E1 (3)
Team for M1 anyone? (1)
Two returning players, looking for alliance for Mars 1 team (3)
Returning champ, where the winners at (7)
Decided to play seriously again (3)
Trying to come back after a break (6)
TMoK roster update (11)
Hey bois and gals need your help for E5 (4)
Freee alliancee to join (Recruit me if you want ) (10)
SoL/SoLe coming back (13)
Need Team for 1 ticker (1)
Returning to BD/ No longer have contacts (10)
Where is an awesome discord at? (2)
Need team for upcoming F3 (1)
[GameOver] Old player looking to have another go ( 2 ) (21)
Galaxy players/alliances recruiting? (6)
Getting back into this game looking for cool team (1)
Looking to play with a team (1)