Battle Dawn   Alliance Recruitment

Looking to make a alliance team/join a team on fantasy servers (2)
Looking for an active alliance across eras (3)
Looking for a alliance in world 3? (9)
Looking for a team on e3 (7)
Looking for a solid alliance (4)
G3SE Recruiting for G3 special event (2)
BDA: Recruiting for E1 (3)
Team for M1 anyone? (1)
Old School Coming Back (6)
Two returning players, looking for alliance for Mars 1 team (3)
Returning champ, where the winners at (7)
Decided to play seriously again (3)
Trying to come back after a break (6)
TMoK roster update (11)
Hey bois and gals need your help for E5 (4)
Freee alliancee to join (Recruit me if you want ) (10)
SoL/SoLe coming back (13)
Need Team for 1 ticker (1)
Returning to BD/ No longer have contacts (10)
Where is an awesome discord at? (2)
Need team for upcoming F3 (1)
[GameOver] Old player looking to have another go ( 2 ) (21)
Galaxy players/alliances recruiting? (6)
Getting back into this game looking for cool team (1)
Looking to play with a team (1)
CME, SiN, ReV, new alliance formation (14)
Looking to create a laid back team full of experienced players(30+ Achieves) (13)
Looking for alliance on G1 (1)
G3( A NEW START) TOD Recruitment (4)
Upcoming F2 era (1)